Coronavirus EscapePlan: A Guide to Medicare Benefits By

Millions of seniors in the U.S. rely on Medicare, the country’s national health insurance program. As of late 2019, more than 61 million people were enrolled in Medicare health plans, and that number has been rising each year.

Number of Medicare Enrollees by Year

2017: 58.4 million

2018: 59.1 million

2019: 61 million

Source: Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

With millions of people using these benefits and tens of thousands of providers delivering health care service under Medicare, navigating the program’s benefits can be complex.

This resource will help seniors and their loved ones understand what Medicare is and provide some basics about how the various aspects of the program work, such as whether Medicare will cover senior care services like an assisted living community or home health care. The following information is included in the resource document:

Use the following link to access the Medicare Guide: LINK:

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