Are You a Healthcare Prisoner?

Escaping The...

Consumers are Healthcare Prisoners who are angry,
frustrated and confused.
Consumers need away to escape the prison.


Healthcare is a big, complex industry with a simple definition:
providers in this field work to help people get healthy…and stay that way. 
In reality, it is a complex maze for consumers to navigate.


All Healthcare providers are prisons to some degree.
They limit our choices and decisions.


Healthcare Prison BREAK OUT PLANS Could Be Your Answer

If one would judge by the rhetoric and lip-service coming from the healthcare industry, all is fine and getting better. The reality, however, is the healthcare landscape has changed significantly in a very short period of time and not for the betterment of the patient or consumer. Healthcare consumers and patients are finding themselves virtually captive.   

Healthcare consumers are asked to do more, pay more and receive less value for each dollar spent. Our goal is provide consumers with INFORMATION and “BREAK OUT PLANS” to help escape from their prison.

Healthcare Prison Escape Plans

Do you need help to break out of a healthcare prison? Escaping the Healthcare Prison has developed several “Escape Plans” (Guides) for consumers to use when you are locked up in a healthcare prison. The plans are designed to provide the healthcare prisoners a step by step plan to escape.

Healthcare Prison Escape Trends

Healthcare changes very fast and usually the consumer is not aware of the changes.  Healthcare consumers generally find out the hard way when they use their health insurance. Healthcare Prison Escape Trends track these trends and helps the consumer understands the impacts.

Healthcare Prison? Are You a Prisoner..

This sections defines what are healthcare prisons and who are healthcare prisoners.  Most Healthcare Consumers do not  understand or believe they are in a prison or a prisoner.  Our goal is to show consumers their are prisons and prisoners.   This section will explain each prison.

Who are we……. Escaping the Healthcare Prison (EHP) is the advocacy affiliate of Healthcare Consumer Navigator Center that  represents, educates and is the voice of the healthcare consumer. Healthcare consumers have powerful stories of individuals and the collective needs of the community. We work at the local, regional and national levels to promote and educate consumers to attain affordable and  quality health care,

What we do…… The Team from Escaping the Healthcare Prison has developed this series of  “Escape Plan” (Guides) to show how healthcare consumers are healthcare prisoners. The Plans will identify the various healthcare prisons and provide consumers help to navigate out and escape from the prison with practical advice. Healthcare has many myths and is very scary for the consumers.  Our goal is to help consumer to become more confidant when dealing with healthcare providers.

We assist healthcare consumers to resolve issues they are experiencing.

We develop and release educational Podcasts, YouTube Videos and Newsletters.

Some of our customers FAQ’S

Can EHP help me with healthcare related issues?
Absolutely!  Go to “Contact US” section of our website and fill out the form.  We will review your issue and contact you.
How much do you charge for your service?
Our service is FREE to the healthcare consumer!

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