Coronavirus Escape Plan: What You Need to Do and Know About Your Individual or Group Health Insurance

As a healthcare consumer, you should know what your insurance will cover if you are affected by the coronavirus and what to expect after you have received the medical service.

I. Find Out what your Health insurance Plan covers.

America’s Health Insurance Plans is an American political advocacy / trade association of health insurance companies known for certification of Medicare Advantage and other health plans governed by CMS: Medicare Core Quality Measures.

AHIP has contacted most insurance companies to find out what they are covering.  Click on is website. It is invaluable. .


II. Healthcare Billing

Some healthcare providers are suspending billing for Corvid 19 services.  Check with your healthcare provider to find out their policy.

III. Surprise Billing

Hospitals taking money from the $2.2 trillion stimulus bill will have to agree not to send “surprise” medical bills to patients treated for COVID-19, the White House said on April 9, 2020.

IV.     Prior Authorizations for Healthcare Services

If you  require healthcare services that pertain the COVID 19, all prior authorizations for service will be waivered.

V. Telemedicine

Waiving cost-sharing( and deductibles) and expanding services.

VI. Prescriptions

Some insurance companies are allowing consumers to fill prescriptions early.  Check with pharmacy to determine if you can.

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