Coronavirus Escape Plan: Finding a Testing Location

Locating a Testing Location should be easy. The two links below are very user friendly and will provide the consumer the information they need.

Where are drive-thru coronavirus tests available?

Below are the coronavirus drive-thru testing sites by state. Some testing sites are only open to high-risk people, first responders and medical workers, or members of private healthcare groups. Always check the link or call the number provided before heading to a testing site. If no phone number is provided, try calling your state’s department of health directly.

As of April 21, we list 670 testing sites nationwide. Use the link below to access testing sites.

How to find a COVID-19 test site near you

All US states now offer COVID-19 tests, though availability varies by location. You should first call your medical provider or a telemedicine service. They will tell you if they think you need a test, and how to get one. Or, you can visit your state health department or local health department websites to look for the latest information on testing in your area. 

Use the link below to access testing sites.

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