Healthcare Prison Escape Plans Index


  1. CMS Hospital Mandated: Their 70 Shoppable Services: A Listing of the Services With the Appropriate CPT or DRG Codes Consumers Need To Know
  2. This Listing will help the consumer navigate the pricing maze on Hospital Websites with service identification and procedure codes.

  3. A Consumer Guild of the 70 Shoppable Services Mandated By CMS: In Layman's Language, What Are They
  4. This guide explains each Shoppable Service in Layman's Language

  5. Coronavirus Escape Plan: Presumptive Eligibility in Medicaid and CHIP
  6. Find out how you many qualify for Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program.

  7. Coronavirus Escape Plan: Finding a Testing Location
  8. Finding a Testing Location can be frustrating. This Escape Plan will make it easy.

  9. Coronavirus Escape Plan: Accessing Your States Health Department
  10. Want to find your states health department? Use this plan to easily access.

  11. Coronavirus EscapePlan: A Guide to Medicare Benefits By
  12. Medicare can be confusing. has published a guide to help healthcare consumer understand the program.

  13. Coronavirus Escape Plan: What the Consumer Needs to Know About: Coronavirus Stimulus Checks, Debt Relief and Your Finances
  14. What the consumer needs to know about non clinical coronavirus issues affecting the healthcare consumer.

  15. Coronavirus Escape Plan: The COVID-19 pandemic is influencing consumer health behavior. Are the changes here to stay?
  16. This is a healthcare consumer survey published in April 2020 that looks at how consumers are managing and making decisions.

  17. Coronavirus Escape Plan: What You Need to Know and How to Use Telemedicine
  18. Healthcare consumer may not understand how to use telemedicine. The guide will walk you through the process.

  19. Coronavirus Escape Plan: Top 10 Best Telemedicine Companies and Services of 2019
  20. This survey identifies the top 10 telmedicine companies.

  21. Coronavirus Escape Plan: Telemedicine: Best Consumer Healthcare Experience You've Never Tried, Says J.D. Power Study
  22. This is quality survey of several telemedicine companies.

  23. Coronavirus Escape Plan: What You Need to Do and Know About Your Individual or Group Health Insurance
  24. Healthcare Consumers need to review their current health insurance plans to determine coronavirus coverage. This document will help to answer those questions.

  25. CorornaVirus Escape Plan: Find the Quality Rating of Nursing Homes
  26. Nursing Home Quality should be a top priority of healthcare consumers. Find out if your passes the quality test.

  27. Coronavirus Escape Plan: Consumers who have or Need Medical Insurance
  28. If you have or do not have medical insurance, this document will guide you through .

  29. Healthcare Prison Break Plan: Understanding Healthcare Terms and Definitions
  30. Healthcare Consumers need help to understand basic healthcare terms. This Prison Breaks Plan will fill that need.

  31. Healthcare Prison Break Plan: Understanding the Medical Billing Process
  32. If you d not understand Medical Billing, you are not alone. This Prison Break Plan will guide you through the complicated process.

  33. Healthcare Prison Break Plan: Healthcare Consumer/Patient Rights And Responsibilities
  34. As a Healthcare Consumer, you have certain rights. This Prison Break Plan will explain them.

  35. Healthcare Prison Break Plan: Surprise Billing; The Dispute Process
  36. Getting a Surprise Bill is very frustrating. This Prison Break Plan will guide you through the process.

  37. Healthcare Prison Break Plan: Surprise Billing; Regulations By States
  38. Look up how your state is protecting you from Surprise Billing.

  39. Healthcare Prison Break Plan: Surprise Billing Quizzly's Passes
  40. Utilize these consumer passes to help manage surprise billing.

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